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Nids d’Oiseaux
The La Côte Bird Nester

The nester is ceramic. It is waterproof and should be frost-proof. The square hole permits easy cleaning. The nester may be washed.  The  drainage holes at the bottom help to keep the inside dry for the birds.   

This model is designed to encourage nesting by blue tits and coal tits.
The hole is small enough  to keep out great tits which will oust their smaller relatives if they can.

Mounting the nester

Insert the brass screw into the support leaving the rounded head proud.
It will do less damage to a tree than a galvanized one. If fixing to a wall
use a Rawlplug. The nester then slots over the head of the screw.

Siting the nester

The nester should be shaded from the hot sun and sheltered from prevailing winds. Generally this means facing north-east or east. A little early morning sun is acceptable.

The experts say the best time to install a nester is the autumn. However,
the spring is another obvious time for avian house hunters. Put it up in the
winter and the birds will become accustomed to its presence.

Install the nester between two to three metres above the ground. Most birds like a clear flight path into the nest, so avoid any obvious obstructions.

Be aware of the danger from cats and squirrels. Do not add a perch, since
this gives predators,  like magpies, a foothold from which to intimidate
nestlings and may force the adult birds to leave.

If the nester is too near other nests or boxes, or near a bird table,
it will invite competition.    Allow the birds their own territory.